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Do you think your child needs to do house chores? If you don't think so, you have to reconsider that, because it is one of the most important opportunities for them to prepare for adulthood.

House chores are one of the most overlooked areas in the growth of children. You can give them a task according to their age. A task like picking up toys and placing them in the right position or even making their bed is the best way to build self-confidence in your child.

House chores play an important role in child development. It helps your child to learn how to take responsibility.


You see, many parents don't teach their children about money until the child starts to earn his/her own money. We miss invaluable opportunities for them to learn how to be wise with money. We can start it by giving them money of their own. For the first time be sure that your child will spend everything. When he/she now sees something very important to him/her to buy you will see, next time he/she will be very wise with money.


We all want good (positive) behaviour from our children. One thing about this is that you don't have to dominate your child with “DO AS I SAY” attitude. You have to build a connection with your child and gain their trust, in that way your child will choose to cooperate with you. You give your child a firm correction for inappropriate behaviour.

Also, learn to reward your child for good behaviour. In that way, your child will feel safe in your care. It takes some patience and consistency, but there is nothing like teaching your child good behaviour as a way of life. I hope there are some ways you can reward your child for making a good choice?


You see, among teenagers, there is an important skill missing. Many are incapable of resisting their friends. The good news is your child can learn to say “NO”. But you have to bear in mind that they have to start with you. It is sad to say this. When a child says “NO” or even disagrees over something, the parent warned that child never to repeat it ever again.

You see, your child takes value in their opinions and themselves when their parents value their perspective. My take, if your child behaves respectfully, give them room to have an opinion. It will give them the confidence to stand firm in the real world where it counts the most. The word “NO” is an important boundary. That is the only way to separate ourselves from other people.

Without it, we cannot have our own opinions and beliefs.


The question is: do you see your child's mistake as frustrations that interrupt your day? You have to teach your child that mistakes are nothing to be afraid of but an opportunity for learning something new.

It is in our growth that we learn, mostly through experience which is through mistakes. Parents need to create a healthy, and loving environment where their children will feel safe, even in failure and it is a matter of perspective based on the parent.

Is your child's mistake a doorway to your anger? Or do you see them as an opportunity to help your child grow and learn something new?

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