How to Lose Weight Strategies! | Weight Loss

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To lose weight and maintain a good physique,
To lose weight and maintain a good physique, you must nourish your body with high-quality food, especially lean protein and complex carbohydrates.

Do away with processed carbs and sugar-loaded drinks and snacks. Food comprised of these simple processed carbs is usually very high on the glycemic index. This causes a rise in the insulin levels which affects the metabolism negatively. Too much insulin tells the body to store fat quickly and prevent the body from drawing on fat for energy needs. If you want to lose weight, you must make sure that your body’s fat is the primary source of energy. You have to avoid things like glucose

How to achieve this:

1. Meals Should Be In Small Portions: this is important if you want the scale to shift and the clothes looser on you. Depending on the level of your activities, your meals should not be more than 200-300 calories. Your energy intake is spread throughout the day and this will contribute to your weight loss.

2. Consume Complete Proteins: This increases your BMR (Basic metabolic rate). The best sources include lean chicken breast, white fish, tuna, eggs white and turkey. The body uses up enormous stores of energy to properly digest and process protein. That is a lot of calories being burnt up. When you consume protein with every meal instead of simple carbs, the body releases lipase, a hormone that makes the body rely on fat as it’s primary fuel source instead of releasing insulin.

3. Complex Carbohydrates:
fresh fruits and vegetables are important in boosting metabolism
Found in whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables are important in boosting metabolism. Complex carbohydrates are processed slowly, staying in the gut for a long time; blood sugar levels won’t swing wildly out of control so the insulin levels are steady. They should be consumed moderately.

4. Some Fat Is Necessary For The Body To Run Properly But It’s Essential Fatty Acids. Essential fatty acids accelerate fat burning, in the presence of essential fatty acids, cells burn a greater amount of oxygen. The more oxygen carried to the cells, the more body fat is burned. Not every oil is an essential fatty acid so you have to be careful. Choose oils like olive, flaxseed, pumpkin, fish and grape seed oil. Be careful with the quantity. All oils are 120-140 calories per tablespoon. Do not cook with this oil just put it over your salad.

5. Consume Adequate Water: consume enough water to help the body assimilate adequate macronutrients. Vitamins and minerals help to flush out toxins but without adequate water bodily functions cannot take place.
Supplement your diet with a high-quality multivitamin. It is hard to get all the vitamins and minerals from diet alone, especially when you are physically active or under stress.

6. Exercise! Exercise!! Exercise!!!
If you are ready to lose weight, discipline your self to do these things
If you are ready to lose weight, discipline your self to do these things. There is no weight loss in a pill, you cannot eat just anything and expect that a magic pill in a bottle will help you burn your fat, while you are consuming the wrong things.
Calories consumed if greater than calories burned off will result in WEIGHT GAIN
calories consumed less than calories burned off will result in WEIGHT LOSS start eating right.


Reasons Why People Envy! | Lifestyle

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Reasons Why People Envy


It is simply you want what they have. It is not just in material possessions that we envy, we also envy people who are well regarded, influential, admired, and successful. It's also feeling inferior to another person.

Why do people envy? Why would someone hate to see someone else happy or feel bad whenever he sees him doing well? Do those who envy do it because they are bad people? Or is there any other reason behind this envy?

In short, envy does not root from hating other people or even being an evil person but they usually root in the inferiority feelings you experience when you see someone else doing better than you. But I will also like to tell you that not all people envy.

So, before we continue we need to talk about the types of envy.

  1. Malicious Envy
  2. Benign Envy

This type of envy focuses on the person who's achieved the envious things, and it is associated with resentment, annoyance, actively wishing that they could be deprived of the wished-for thing.

This is more general. You see, people who felt this generally thought that the people they envied deserved the achievement, they didn't feel hatred towards them, but they targeted their envy generally towards the envied object itself, not the person who got it.

Now, I will be frank with you that many things can trigger envy. So, let's go into details about what and what triggers envy.

  1. Social Comparison
  2. Fertility
  3. Relationship
  4. Self-Evaluation Maintenance
  5. Physical attractiveness
  6. Money

Today, a study found that social media is a powerful cause of envy. As individuals post self-selected photos of themselves at their happiest moment to broadcast to the world, we all have it. Once Instagram users experience envy of the activities and lifestyle of their friends, they could be more likely to feel envy.

This also can be an extremely provocative cause of envy between women. Once one woman is having children and the other is yet to get pregnant after so many years of marriage.

If you have the priority of having a romantic partner, but you end up with discrepant relationship statuses and your friend is in a romantic relationship, that can trigger deep envious feelings. This happens to men and women alike. They always share their sadness and bitterness about their friend who always has something while they don't.

You see, people always strive to maintain positive self-affirmations. If one of them is successful in a less relevant area then it triggers envy.

In this area, people with low self-esteem often magnify their shortcomings and tend to envy their attractive friends. Physical attractiveness can trigger envy in friendship, especially in social circles in which appearance is highly valued.

I cannot end this without mentioning money. Hmm, money matters a lot. This can contaminate a friendship if one of them brings in money or even has access to plenty of it, and the other person lives from hand to mouth. This can trigger envy especially when the person has money to throw around.


You see, there are so many ways we can stop or avoid or stop envy but I will list a few below.
  1. Gratitude
  2. Emotional awareness
  3. Relationship
  4. Well being

This is a very useful tool if we want to avoid or stop envy. Being grateful for the things we have rather than being envious of things we don't have, can help in reducing the feeling of envy.

In this aspect, being aware of the feeling of envy is very important. In other to avoid or stop envy, meditation is a very useful tool to enhance emotional awareness.

In the case of stopping or avoiding envy, it is important to be in a relationship with others to get rid of negative feelings.

You see, realizing the harmful effect of envy on our well-being will likely help avoid or stop envy.


4 Ways You Can Get More Appreciation While Spending Less | Lifestyle

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We all have different personalities, they are people who are very expressive and individuals who are very reserved and have a problem really expressing themselves.  People who are expressive love to have fun, can make humor out of an awkward situation, and seem to know the right things to say and most times do to please people.

Although we all love to be that way, we are made differently, and a larger percentage of us are either analytical, drivers, or amiable instead. Not being expressive has its downside, they are issues we can avoid by simply expressing ourselves or that can go a long way to help us by demonstrating and expressing genuine gratitude.

There are some acts of kindness that a simple thank you is not enough, we need to go extra by demonstrating our appreciation.... for those reserved ones, that find it hard......

Here are a few easy steps:

1. Send A Thank-You Note With A Personalized Gift:
Know the person interest enough and present a gift, especially handmade gifts accordingly and occasionally. E.g a customized pillow or a wristwatch with their initials on it, a knitted blanket or throw pillow, the kind of things that are appealing to them. It may seem basic but an appreciated gift and the gesture of providing it will definitely light up their day.

2. Treat Them To A Great Meal:
Everyone loves a great meal, treat them to a great meal at a nice restaurant, of course, it has to be within your budget or you can have it delivered to them with a thank you note. It doesn’t have to be expensive but it should be a favorite snack or food.

3. Use Social Media:
Yes, you can use social media to express your gratitude. People enjoy being tagged, retweeted, or reposted. The Value of any form of validation or recognition is done on social media. You can report the person’s picture with a thank you caption or tag the person to a thank you post. This little act can go a long way.

4. Give Compliments:
Complimenting the person is also another way of expressing gratitude, pay them lovely compliments. Tell them how grateful you are to have them in your life and how you don’t take their kindness for granted. Words go a long way. It endears you to them and creates room for a deeper relationship.

Expressing gratitude goes a long way and helps you receive more, you can think of more creative ways to express yourself.

Like Williams Arthur Ward said, “feeling grateful and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it”.

You may not be the most expressive person but don’t let it limit you.


The Easiest Ways To Build Lasting Skills In Your Child! | Parenting

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Do you think your child needs to do house chores? If you don't think so, you have to reconsider that, because it is one of the most important opportunities for them to prepare for adulthood.

House chores are one of the most overlooked areas in the growth of children. You can give them a task according to their age. A task like picking up toys and placing them in the right position or even making their bed is the best way to build self-confidence in your child.

House chores play an important role in child development. It helps your child to learn how to take responsibility.


You see, many parents don't teach their children about money until the child starts to earn his/her own money. We miss invaluable opportunities for them to learn how to be wise with money. We can start it by giving them money of their own. For the first time be sure that your child will spend everything. When he/she now sees something very important to him/her to buy you will see, next time he/she will be very wise with money.


We all want good (positive) behaviour from our children. One thing about this is that you don't have to dominate your child with “DO AS I SAY” attitude. You have to build a connection with your child and gain their trust, in that way your child will choose to cooperate with you. You give your child a firm correction for inappropriate behaviour.

Also, learn to reward your child for good behaviour. In that way, your child will feel safe in your care. It takes some patience and consistency, but there is nothing like teaching your child good behaviour as a way of life. I hope there are some ways you can reward your child for making a good choice?


You see, among teenagers, there is an important skill missing. Many are incapable of resisting their friends. The good news is your child can learn to say “NO”. But you have to bear in mind that they have to start with you. It is sad to say this. When a child says “NO” or even disagrees over something, the parent warned that child never to repeat it ever again.

You see, your child takes value in their opinions and themselves when their parents value their perspective. My take, if your child behaves respectfully, give them room to have an opinion. It will give them the confidence to stand firm in the real world where it counts the most. The word “NO” is an important boundary. That is the only way to separate ourselves from other people.

Without it, we cannot have our own opinions and beliefs.


The question is: do you see your child's mistake as frustrations that interrupt your day? You have to teach your child that mistakes are nothing to be afraid of but an opportunity for learning something new.

It is in our growth that we learn, mostly through experience which is through mistakes. Parents need to create a healthy, and loving environment where their children will feel safe, even in failure and it is a matter of perspective based on the parent.

Is your child's mistake a doorway to your anger? Or do you see them as an opportunity to help your child grow and learn something new?