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Self-love is felt and then it mirrors in our actions

     Self-love has become a very popular term, but most people are not fully aware of what it means to really love oneself.  They are different definitions of self-love, the dictionary defines it as regard for one’s own well-being and happiness  An author said it’s a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological and spiritual growth.

Self-love is a journey, it’s a conscious effort, a gradual process, it takes time and eventually becomes a habit.

Self-love is felt and then it mirrors in our actions.  A vital key to achieving this is knowing yourself. Paying attention to what your heart truly wants because knowing yourself influences you to choose your path in life and self-love influences you to make the right choices as you tread this path e.g choosing a spouse, your health, coping with problems, etc  “Self-love, self-respect, self-worth: there’s a reason they all start with self, you can’t find them in anyone else - unknown.

Here are a few steps to help you achieve self-love

1. Practice Mindfulness
Be in charge of your thoughts, always be present at the moment, be in control of what you think, how you feel, things you want. Never let people control or define them for you.

2. Make Room For Healthy Habits
Create habits that improve you emotionally, mentally, and health-wise. Exercise, eat healthily, rest properly, don’t overwork yourself and the likes, Set boundaries to any habit or anything that harms you or paints you poorly.

3. Surround Yourself With Good People
Surround yourself with family and friends that help you be a better version of yourself, avoid people who drain you positively, and downplay your success. Your circle should inspire you and you should do the same to people. We all need the love and support from people that genuinely care about us to be motivated.

4. Forgive Yourself
Most times, we are often our harshest critics, we punish ourselves too hard for mistakes we’ve made. We should be more compassionate to ourselves, understanding that mistakes make us wiser and give room for growth. Holding on to our past limits us, it’s like a heavyweight that keeps dragging us backward. Let the past go.
5. Live Life Intentionally
Find your purpose. Live with purpose. Make decisions that propel you to achieve your purpose in life. Invest in yourself, take up habits that add more value to you like reading more books, learning skills, taking courses that make you better equipped for your goals, pursue your passion fiercely, etc. Take daily actions, little consistent steps will give you the life you deserve.

6. Have An Optimistic Spirit
Being optimistic is essential in achieving self-love. It helps to promote self-respect, helps put your emotions in check, and best of all it’s contagious. It gives you a reason for living and helps longevity. Want to avoid depression? Have a positive spirit.

7. Find Your Happy Place
There is a silent killer, it’s called worry, don’t give it power over you, when it rears it’s the ugly head, indulge in things that give you genuine happiness, it may be hiking, cooking, running, conversation with a friend, indulge yourself. Once in a while, give yourself a treat, it will make you happy, you deserve all the happiness in the world, and you can make it happen for you. It’s a choice. You deserve it.

8. Spread The Love
Spread love wherever you find yourself, focus on the good and positive side of people, allow your emotions to drip positively by appreciating and loving others as much as you can. You can also spread the love by being honest about your bad sides that hurt others and working on them. You became a better you and people around you are happier. It’s a win-win situation.
9. Accept Things You Cannot Change
There are parts of us we can’t change, like our height, ears, etc., accept them, understand you are still amazing that way and there can be the only one you. Still, Love “you”.

10. Tap Into Being Loved
It’s easy to love ourselves when we are at our best, but hard on ourselves when we are at our worst, imagine how you will react to a loved one at their worst, we are kind, compassionate, and accept them. 

Do the same to you. Let’s not confuse self-love with self-esteem, self-esteem is dependent on things we have achieved, we feel better about ourselves then, but when they are taken from us, we feel worthless and less valued. Irrespective of having plenty or few, being at the top or not, favorable conditions or not, self-love means still appreciating yourself. Having respect and love for yourself, despite any circumstance.

11. Comparing Yourself
Comparison is a poison to self-love, when we compare, most times we are harsh with ourselves, comparing our greatest flaws to someone’s greatest strengths. It reduces us in our minds. Avoid comparison.

12. Gratitude And Positive Affirmations
A heart of gratitude lifts the spirit, always be grateful irrespective of what life throws at you, back up gratitude with positive affirmations. Have a ritual of telling yourself beautiful things. After the breakup, be grateful that the universe opened a door for the best partner to enter, and tell yourself you are beautiful and the best anyone can ever have. 

Drown the negative voice by being grateful and allow the positive voice to scream louder via positive affirmations. We are all in this world for a reason, to fully achieve that purpose, we need to be in the best state, to be in the best state, we need to truly love ourselves so we, in turn, will give the best to others which will make the world better. It can’t happen in a day, little by little, practicing each step we can achieve this,
Last but not the least,  believe in yourself and change your life for good, this is the key to everything when you fail to believe in yourself then you lose yourself forever,  believe in yourself and keep standing no matter your shortcoming never give up, have you been knockdown by the financial crisis, falling down doesn't make you a failure staying down makes you a failure, get up and be a moving train, your breakthrough awaits you after the climb, fear not to press on you are a child of God, life is a test it is always too soon to quit, persistence is a fire which will carry you through, in faith mountain will move, keep fighting for you will be a victor when you don't give up, the end is here, there is no victory without a fight, be Persistence, my friend, "NEVER GIVE UP"

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