What You Need to Know About Depression! | Health

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Depression is a mental health disorder
Depression is a mental health disorder that leads to a variety of emotional and physical problems. It is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest and it negatively affects how we feel, the way we think and how we act.

Let’s look at it from a psychological perspective.

Being depressed is basically being in the dark, mentally and physically and no happiness is found in the dark. For those who have lost their light and sparkle, they are prisoners of their own mind.

They are ashamed and believe they are not enough or they are not capable of winning the current battle they are faced with, they need to understand that as long as they are alive there is hope and are capable of overcoming anything but first have to free themselves from the mental prison that they have caged themselves.

Here are some reasons for depression

1) Forgetfulness: They have forgotten their worth and what they can become often as a result of some factors like abuse.

2) Cognitive Prison: mental prison is very common nowadays. They are prisoners of their own mind and they are the key to set themselves free.

3) The Big Step: Whatever is the contributing factor to their depression has to be taken away. It could be work, a partner or anything. We all deserve to be happy and live life to the fullest and if anyone or anything is not allowing you to be positively productive in all area of your life, it needs to be taken away. For instance, if you are in a relationship that causes you a lot of pain and leaves you a shadow of yourself despite the effort put to make it work, you need to run from it. There is nothing wrong in looking out for your self.

What depression does to you:

1) Erratic sleep habits
2) Abnormal loss of appetite/abnormal increase in appetite
3) Self-destructive habits/suicidal thoughts
4) Muscle stagnation
5) Constant fatigue
6) Back pain and headaches

People who are depressed constantly seek self-pity or validation especially from their partners. They think this will make them change for them. It’s the worst way to live. They need to understand that we only live once, we need to live every day being the best version of ourselves and no one can do that for us except “us”. Our happiness should not be determined by a person or thing, it’s a choice we ourselves constantly need to make.

It’s so sad when you hear people say things like “ how can she kill her self because of heartbreak “ or “he’s stupid to commit suicide because he lost a job”.

What we don’t understand is that that was the breaking point, the point they felt I’ve had enough and can’t do it again.
Everyone is faced with different challenges and we all cope differently and then they are some that lose it completely, they tell themselves they are not strong enough to cope.

Ever had a bad day, you’ve been holding it in, then you get home and then something small like your food has been eaten or you looking for your keys make you burst into tears and people around you are wondering why you are crying over something as insignificant as that, but you understand that it’s because of piled-up emotions and that little the incident was the breaking point for you. That’s the same way it is for those people, does that make their actions justified, NO! on the contrary, that was the wrong route to take.

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Let’s explore different ways to fight depression:

1. Be Active:
Depression can drastically reduce your energy level,
Depression can drastically reduce your energy level, try to exercise and do fun activities. Exercising increases the neuro-plasticity of your brain and release neurochemicals called endorphins which helps elevate mood.

2. Avoid Isolating Yourself:
being alone by yourself is one of the fastest ways of worsening depression
being alone by yourself is one of the fastest ways of worsening depression. Avoid being by yourself too much, try to be around people, especially people you are comfortable talking to. A bit of good advice or an encouraging word can help you feel better. Your friends and family will appreciate knowing what’s going on with you and help you be at your best.

3. Think Positively And Realistically: Thinking bitter and negative thoughts over and over again is a trademark of depression. Making changes to stop these negative rumination can take time but persisting to change it to positive thoughts can make a major difference.

4. Focus On Your Health: Poor health can lead to increased depression and less happiness or well being. Identify possible health-related links to your depression and combat them.

5. Avoid Drugs And Alcohol: These are responsible for detrimental health effects and should be avoided.

6. Volunteer Your Time: Helping others can help you feel better and create a positive identity. Try to volunteer your time in doing good, it not only distracts you but it can help you feel better and yourself

7. See A Therapist: A therapist will be very helpful in speeding your recovery process. A therapist can also help educate you about your depression guide you on your journey to overcome depression.

Suicide is not an option, why to take a risk and take your life when you don’t even know what’s on the other side..... you can succeed and you can defeat.

Just like they say in the game of thrones... “what do we say to the god of death, not today “

And to the rest of us... let’s pay attention to our loved ones. They may be fighting secret battles and are scared to speak out... they need to understand they can tell us anything and we are here for them anytime.

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How to Make Your Skin Look Amazing! | Beauty

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The skin is not only the largest organ in the body but the first thing people see when they look at you.
The skin is not only the largest organ in the body but the first thing people see when they look at you.

From acne breakouts during teenage years to the radiant glow of pregnancy and the sunspots of ageing, our age and health are reflected in our skin, that’s why it’s important to watch what we consume because it isn’t only beneficial to keeping us healthy but it’s also important for our skin. 

When we eat right, our heart, lungs, arteries and generally our overall well-being benefits, including our skin.

Here are some simple steps to keeping our skin healthy 

STEP #1 Eat a Healthy Diet

The skin needs the nutrients that a balanced diet provides to stay healthy and radiantly beautiful and those junk and processed foods can’t do that for you. Also, fruits and vegetables are equally pertinent in the maintenance of the skin 

STEP #2 Stay Hydrated

To achieve healthy skin, this cannot be overemphasized. You need to always stay hydrated. The skin cells are made up of water and need to be replenished for the skin to stay hydrated. The skin has different layers and water in the deep layers helps to reduce friction between the skin fibres and helps to protect the overall skin structure 

STEP #3 Get your beauty sleep
Getting adequate rest helps banish those deep circles around our eyes, improves the skin tone and help us health-wise. It is recommended that adults sleep for 7-9 hours every day. Sleep deprivation is not only linked with obesity, immune deficiency, diabetes and cancer but affects skin function and also contributes to ageing 

STEP #4 Avoid smoking and alcohol

Too much alcohol and smoking also affect the skin. Smoking has a negative impact on our health, skin and appearance. Smoking decreases blood flow which is necessary for healthy skin. It damages collagen and elastin while the physical movements associated with smoking leads to wrinkles around the eyes and mouth 

STEP #5 Maintain Good Skin Hygiene

The skin is most exposed to lots of pollution like dirt, bacteria flying around and various chemicals we come in contact with every day. It’s important we clean the skin, shower appropriately and use the appropriate body lotions and moisturizers to keep the skin healthy and glowing 

STEP #6 Avoid Stress
Stress takes a toll on every part of the body including our skin. People who are stressed have many acne breakouts than those less under pressure. Avoiding stress contributes to a good looking skin

STEP #7 Regular Exercise

Exercise strengthens our muscles and makes our skin cells repair damages done faster. Our heartbeats faster-pumping blood to our cells to enable them to function optimally and our skin benefits too

STEP #8 Regular Facials and Wear a Sunscreen

Beauty experts advise us to do a facial once a month. It is considered as one of the most trusted tips to get the desired outcome of promoting oxygen in the cell and it supports circulation. Also, sunscreen is very important, we should avoid solar radiation from damaging and ageing us.

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Top 7 Ways You Can Stop And Start To Build A Good Habit | Glamour Talk

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Taking a decision about it is the first step to succeeding at it.

At the beginning of the year, most people observed the tradition of making resolutions and pledged to commit to it. Well, it’s already the fifth month, and truth be told, the majority has failed to follow through with those resolutions. 

Although I believe no one has to wait till a certain time to start or stop a habit, because waiting till a particular time makes you waste time you could have used to make a reasonable amount of progress. If you fall under the category of people struggling with their resolutions, you are not alone, it’s quite common to see that happening with a lot of people. 

Here are a few simple steps to help you successfully start a new habit or make you stop a bad habit:

1) MAKE A FIRM DECISION: You need to make a firm decision that you are going to succeed at it, make affirmations. Taking a decision about it is the first step to succeeding at it.

2) HAVE A STRATEGY: A strategy on how you plan on making it work has to be in place, set goals and write them down, and the steps you will take to achieve it.

3) TAKE SMALL STEPS: You also have to take it easy on yourself to achieve this, don’t juggle too many habits so you are not distracted, focus on one, succeed at it, that encourages and boosts your confidence, then you channel that energy to another habit.

4) AVOID EXCEPTIONS: Don’t make exceptions, they should never be an excuse why you can’t do this at a certain time or place, no matter what you have to follow through. Discipline yourself.

5) ACCOUNTABILITY: Track your efforts, notice when you slacked and why it happened, tell people about the decision you have made. It makes you conscious and because you know they are watching to see if you have the willpower, it will encourage you to try harder.

6) REWARD YOURSELF: When you make progress, reward yourself, it doesn’t make the process only exciting but gives you something to look forward to which is also encouraging.

7) VISUALIZE THE PERKS OF SUCCEEDING: Always try to visualize what it will be like once you start or stop this habit, e.g the benefits of losing weight and how it will make you feel. You can take it a step further by writing why you are doing this and keeping it where you can see it every day, e.g a person that wants to quit smoking, can write “I need to stop smoking so I can be more healthy and live longer for my family “. It will serve as motivation.

Don’t forget the journey will be challenging and there will be obstacles, take preventive measures to overcome them. The environment, family, friends, or anything can be a factor in making you quit but prepare for this and you will see yourself succeeding.
Brian Tracy said the speed of a new habit pattern development is largely determined by the intensity of the motive that accompanies the decision to begin in a particular way.

Let why you started to motivate yourself to succeed at it.

Author: Nelly Ebi


When Anxiety Sends You Running for Cover | Health Solution

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When an individual faces potential harm or worrying triggers, feelings of anxiety are normal and necessary for survival.

The dictionary defines anxiety as a feeling of worry, nervousness or unease about something with an uncertain outcome. Feeling anxious is a normal and healthy emotion. When an individual faces potential harm or worrying triggers, feelings of anxiety are normal and necessary for survival. 

It’s the body’s response to fear, environmental stress, family issues, work-related matters, relationship troubles, symptoms of a disease, speaking in public, and difficulty to sleep after a traumatic experience are all healthy and normal.

Usually, the stress or anxious feelings fade once the situation has passed or the factor is removed, but once it persists and then poses as a threat to our everyday lives then this disproportionate level of anxiety is a condition called anxiety disorder.

One thing peculiar to anxiety disorder is that it severely affects a person’s life, it gets to a persistent, uncontrollable and overwhelming state and just like cancer, heart disease, and other physical disorder, it is very real and should be treated with urgency.

When everyday activities are distorted like avoiding social situations, fear of being judged, embarrassed or humiliated, out-of-the-blue panic attacks, irrational fear of a place or object that poses little or no threat, recurring flashbacks or recurring nightmares of traumatic events that happened months or years back, then you need to seek help.

More often, individuals with certain personalities like perfectionists, low self-esteem, people who are timid, often perplexed and controlling easily develop an anxiety disorder.

Thankfully there is an easy treatment for this, but the first big step is realizing it’s a condition that needs a remedy and then knowing how to control it so it doesn’t gain control over you.

Other treatments include:

1. Yoga
2. Relaxation techniques: reading a book, taking a hobby, etc
3. Stress management: getting enough rest etc
5. Having a positive attitude
6. Practising gratitude
7. Good diet
8. Reducing intake of caffeine, alcohol and stopping hard drugs
9. Being around family and friends that makes you happy
10. And getting medical treatment in severe conditions.

When we catch ourselves worrying about anything, tell yourself it solves nothing but rather steals your peace. 

Learn to take a deep breath, and look at the bright side. 

Life is too short to spend it worrying and as the holy book says “Be Anxious For Nothing “.

Author: Nelly Ebi


Don't Hold Back Your Long Distance Relationship | Relationship

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If you are already in it or considering the option, don’t be discouraged, having a healthy long distance relationship is very possible.

I have heard people say they cannot be in one because the chances of it working is slim. If you are already in it or considering the option, don’t be discouraged, having a healthy long-distance relationship is very possible.

Some experts say; it’s healthy for a relationship to begin when two people live in different places.

An anonymous also said, if you want to live together, you must first learn how to live apart.

Nobody said it will be easy, yes, it will be emotionally challenging, the extra distance may make some things unachievable but with determination, good communication, and the right attitude, you both can make it work.

Here are a few tips on getting it right in a long-distance relationship:

1. GOOD COMMUNICATION: Its importance cannot be overemphasized, you need to regularly update your partner on your life and its happenings. The mundane things are as important. Frequent communication shows that you care enough to put time and effort into the relationship, and it’s easier to keep up to date with each other’s lives. If days pass by and gaps increase, the everyday experiences fade into the background and you get to start from scratch which is not ideal. Also, be deliberate in your choice of words, delve into details, don’t just say you went for a birthday, tell he/her details about things that happened, like friends you met and so on. Have intimacy-building conversations.

2. UTILIZE SOCIAL MEDIA: In this age of social media boom, handling a long-distance relationship just got easier. Social media apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, couple, avocado, kanoodle, have made it easy. Texting, chatting and video calls are now convenient. Know your partner's preferred mode of communicating, as long as it doesn’t inconvenience you, use it to your advantage. I’ll suggest more video calling, it's more convenient for the situation.

3. SET A GOAL TOGETHER: They should be a time plan, an agreed length of time you plan to be apart. The time limit removes hopelessness and makes it easier for both of you. Be clear about the end goal, it builds the commitment between you two.

4. DEEP LEVEL OF TRUST: Trust is the foundation on which relationships are built. You need to totally trust your partner, you avoid creating problems by doing this. A broken trust wears out the relationship, never give your partner a reason to doubt you.

5. BE BRUTALLY HONEST: Honesty builds trust. Be open and sincere. Honesty stretches to things or attitudes you dislike about your partner. Don’t manage it, be sincere, to avoid issues when you eventually meet.

6. KNOW YOUR SCHEDULE: When you know your schedules, you can work around it if you are too busy to communicate, inform your partner, don’t leave he/her guessing.

7. DO THINGS TOGETHER: Strengthen the bond between you two by doing things together, like a hobby, reading a book, watching a movie, or listening to songs. Also, fuel your romantic side, write each other love letters, poems, he/she can wake up to a video of you expressing how much you love him/ her. Be creative and watch how much you will bond despite the distance.

8. DON’T GO OVERBOARD: Don’t spend hours upon hours chatting or talking with your partner and other aspects of your life suffer. That can be damaging. The goal is quality, not quantity. Studies showed that although couples in close proximity have more quantity of time spent, the quality of the conversation in a long-distance relationship is more. Don’t put your life on hold, take advantage of the time you have, and improve other aspects of your life like personal goals, work-life, etc, while your relationship is growing.

9. KEEP GOOD FRIENDS AND FAMILY CLOSES: You need your loved ones around you, especially when you get lonely or missing your partner. They will be a good form of distraction especially because they are aware of the situation.

10. BE POSITIVE: Worry less about what could go wrong, focus on the bright side. See the relationship as a learning journey for both of you, as a test of your love for each other.

11. KEEP YOUR RELATIONSHIP PRIVATE: Don’t talk to too many people about your relationship, ignore the voices that will try to discourage you, people will have different opinions, filter the negative ones, especially when your partner puts in the effort to make it work.

12. MAKE PLANS FOR THE FUTURE: Make plans like where you will visit in the future, things you will do together when you eventually meet. Be realistic, don’t say things you can’t do, and make sure you follow through with the plans you make.

13. REALLY GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER: This is an opportunity to know your partner well based on the quality of your conversations. Bring in practical situations and get his opinions on them, it will help you understand the kind of person he/she is.

14. DON’T OVER IDEALIZE YOUR PARTNER: He/she is human, remember no one is perfect, so it’s not difficult to reconcile the person in your head with the actual person.

15. MAKE TIME TO VISIT: Take every opportunity you have to visit each other. Face-to-face communication is also important in the relationship.

16. CONSIDER YOUR PARTNER’S FEELINGS: When flirting with that cute guy/girl or an innocent drink with your ex, be careful. Don’t intentionally put yourself in a situation that can hurt your partner or get them worried.

17. AVOID IRRATIONAL ACTIONS: When you are angry at your partner for something they said or did. You might regret your actions later

Distance is no barrier for two hearts in love, focus on the love you share and make it work.

A long-distance relationship can also be beautiful if you put in the effort.

Written by Nelly Ebi


Living A Life Of Self-Love | Welcome To World Of Self-Love

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Self-love is felt and then it mirrors in our actions

     Self-love has become a very popular term, but most people are not fully aware of what it means to really love oneself.  They are different definitions of self-love, the dictionary defines it as regard for one’s own well-being and happiness  An author said it’s a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological and spiritual growth.

Self-love is a journey, it’s a conscious effort, a gradual process, it takes time and eventually becomes a habit.

Self-love is felt and then it mirrors in our actions.  A vital key to achieving this is knowing yourself. Paying attention to what your heart truly wants because knowing yourself influences you to choose your path in life and self-love influences you to make the right choices as you tread this path e.g choosing a spouse, your health, coping with problems, etc  “Self-love, self-respect, self-worth: there’s a reason they all start with self, you can’t find them in anyone else - unknown.

Here are a few steps to help you achieve self-love

1. Practice Mindfulness
Be in charge of your thoughts, always be present at the moment, be in control of what you think, how you feel, things you want. Never let people control or define them for you.

2. Make Room For Healthy Habits
Create habits that improve you emotionally, mentally, and health-wise. Exercise, eat healthily, rest properly, don’t overwork yourself and the likes, Set boundaries to any habit or anything that harms you or paints you poorly.

3. Surround Yourself With Good People
Surround yourself with family and friends that help you be a better version of yourself, avoid people who drain you positively, and downplay your success. Your circle should inspire you and you should do the same to people. We all need the love and support from people that genuinely care about us to be motivated.

4. Forgive Yourself
Most times, we are often our harshest critics, we punish ourselves too hard for mistakes we’ve made. We should be more compassionate to ourselves, understanding that mistakes make us wiser and give room for growth. Holding on to our past limits us, it’s like a heavyweight that keeps dragging us backward. Let the past go.
5. Live Life Intentionally
Find your purpose. Live with purpose. Make decisions that propel you to achieve your purpose in life. Invest in yourself, take up habits that add more value to you like reading more books, learning skills, taking courses that make you better equipped for your goals, pursue your passion fiercely, etc. Take daily actions, little consistent steps will give you the life you deserve.

6. Have An Optimistic Spirit
Being optimistic is essential in achieving self-love. It helps to promote self-respect, helps put your emotions in check, and best of all it’s contagious. It gives you a reason for living and helps longevity. Want to avoid depression? Have a positive spirit.

7. Find Your Happy Place
There is a silent killer, it’s called worry, don’t give it power over you, when it rears it’s the ugly head, indulge in things that give you genuine happiness, it may be hiking, cooking, running, conversation with a friend, indulge yourself. Once in a while, give yourself a treat, it will make you happy, you deserve all the happiness in the world, and you can make it happen for you. It’s a choice. You deserve it.

8. Spread The Love
Spread love wherever you find yourself, focus on the good and positive side of people, allow your emotions to drip positively by appreciating and loving others as much as you can. You can also spread the love by being honest about your bad sides that hurt others and working on them. You became a better you and people around you are happier. It’s a win-win situation.
9. Accept Things You Cannot Change
There are parts of us we can’t change, like our height, ears, etc., accept them, understand you are still amazing that way and there can be the only one you. Still, Love “you”.

10. Tap Into Being Loved
It’s easy to love ourselves when we are at our best, but hard on ourselves when we are at our worst, imagine how you will react to a loved one at their worst, we are kind, compassionate, and accept them. 

Do the same to you. Let’s not confuse self-love with self-esteem, self-esteem is dependent on things we have achieved, we feel better about ourselves then, but when they are taken from us, we feel worthless and less valued. Irrespective of having plenty or few, being at the top or not, favorable conditions or not, self-love means still appreciating yourself. Having respect and love for yourself, despite any circumstance.

11. Comparing Yourself
Comparison is a poison to self-love, when we compare, most times we are harsh with ourselves, comparing our greatest flaws to someone’s greatest strengths. It reduces us in our minds. Avoid comparison.

12. Gratitude And Positive Affirmations
A heart of gratitude lifts the spirit, always be grateful irrespective of what life throws at you, back up gratitude with positive affirmations. Have a ritual of telling yourself beautiful things. After the breakup, be grateful that the universe opened a door for the best partner to enter, and tell yourself you are beautiful and the best anyone can ever have. 

Drown the negative voice by being grateful and allow the positive voice to scream louder via positive affirmations. We are all in this world for a reason, to fully achieve that purpose, we need to be in the best state, to be in the best state, we need to truly love ourselves so we, in turn, will give the best to others which will make the world better. It can’t happen in a day, little by little, practicing each step we can achieve this,
Last but not the least,  believe in yourself and change your life for good, this is the key to everything when you fail to believe in yourself then you lose yourself forever,  believe in yourself and keep standing no matter your shortcoming never give up, have you been knockdown by the financial crisis, falling down doesn't make you a failure staying down makes you a failure, get up and be a moving train, your breakthrough awaits you after the climb, fear not to press on you are a child of God, life is a test it is always too soon to quit, persistence is a fire which will carry you through, in faith mountain will move, keep fighting for you will be a victor when you don't give up, the end is here, there is no victory without a fight, be Persistence, my friend, "NEVER GIVE UP"


8 Great Tips To Achieve Financial Upliftments | Business Ideas

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Glamour tips that keep you
Every day I always wondered why people are poor, not just that why people who earn more than average income always struggle financially. These are the things I see when I was growing up, I hate to borrow and that is why I feel so sad when I see people who borrow and borrow to the extent they no longer have any limit at all, you see them borrow when is not necessary, they borrow at any given time. So I decided to make research on the reasons most people remain poor. 

And here are my findings.

1. You don't pay yourself first
You see, the main reason why people are poor is that they don't pay themselves first. I have found out that most people don't pay themselves first and that is why they remain poor. They struggle in debt. And that is why they pay with credit. What I mean by paying yourself first is that when you receive your salary for the month, you put a portion of your salary into a savings account before using the rest of the money in your expenses. When I was growing up I saw the biggest financial stagnation on my mum because she doesn't pay herself first, do you know why because she does not make savings a priority, even when she's paid well. When you are making savings a priority, you will do it automatically each pay period and you will stick with it.

In this particular aspect, I see most of us make grievous mistake by spending much on rent or a mortgage, which is the biggest reason people struggle financially, you see, you will see people who make above average incomes but end up spending almost everything on rent, you should try to keep housing cost under 20 percent of your income.

3. You put today's happiness before future financial needs
People who should be in good financial shape may not be, often because the decisions they make are not aligned with their future financial needs. You see, making conscious decisions that require some thought about the future is not satisfying at the moment as choosing something that they perceive to have an immediate positive effect on happiness.

This is the biggest reasons people stay poor. You know it is easy to hope that there is money left over at the end of the month, but many times our behavior get on the way and which is bad spending habits. As soon as you get paid pay automating bills, saving and invest as well, this will cushion the blow when emergencies come up, and you will have something for future or retirement.

5. You don't separate wants from needs
You see, generally, I see most people use the word 'need' for almost everything they purchase, which cause them to actually believe they 'have' to spend the money they suppose to save. This mentality is what keeps us down financially. You have to separate your wants from your needs if you want to grow financially.

I found out that economic disadvantage plays a big role why some people are poor but the truth is that is not the only thing holding people back. The other things that hold people back are they might find themselves in crises because they have repeatedly underinvested in areas of longterm benefits like education, investment, savings, and overinvested in areas like luxury products, clothes, shoes.

7. You buy depreciating assets
You see, the main reason people become poor is that they focus their mind on buying depreciating assets like cars, etc,. because of that, they have little resources to build wealth which will now make them live on salary to salary. Now how can you fix this problem if you get one? Focus on buying appreciating assets like stocks, lands, and real estate, which would grow over time and eventually give you more resources so that you no longer live in poverty.

Actually, the root cause of being broke is because people spend more than they make because that is the only cause of bankruptcy. I have good news for you, which is, you spend less to live within your means and work to earn more so you have more financial breathing space.


The Time Article Of Your Dreams | Time Management

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You can never stop time, you can never buy time
The only thing we all have in common is time, the same 24 hours a day. Because what you are or what you become depends on how you use your time.

Remember that time is life. It may be a blessing or a curse depending on how you use it. Time separates your past from your present and your future.

Time is a currency. What are you investing your time in? Time can be spent, you can squander time. You can never stop time, you can never buy time. Time can be revalued.


1. You can manage time
2. You can use time
3. You can invest time
4. You can convert time
5. Time is a gift from God
6. Redeem the time, plan your day or your day will be planed by somebody. Activate not to follow the crowd.


1. Put a plan for what you want to accomplish, put them on paper.
2. Establish your priorities based on the plan.
3. Pursue your passion only, identify your passion and go after it.        Because so many people will distract you.
4. Protect your plans and your priorities.
5. Identify your values. Identify what is valuable to you.
6. Make decisions based on your destiny.
7. Review your investment. What are you spending your time on?        You spend your time watching television.
8. Do not try to please everybody. You cannot make everybody like you. Stop trying to get everyone's approval.
9. Forget the past and pursue and design the future.