How to Reach Your Biggest Goals | Goal Setting

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Goal Setting

Talking about reaching our biggest goal! Do you think you can reach that biggest goal of yours? Yes, of course, you can reach that biggest goal of yours. Reaching that biggest goal in life requires you to have some great qualities. But sometimes in life, we give up on our goals because we don't follow all the things we should do. We all are guilty of this act.

You see, from now on you are going to achieve all your goals in life, you are not going to be like those people who dream and yet do not achieve their dreams.

I found out why some people have not achieved their goals, it's not that they don't have a great goal, but it's because they give up on their goal too soon.

Now if this echo with you, then I want you to stop and become one of those who always achieve their dreams. These are my experience and these are the things I always advise people and I want to share them with you. how you can achieve that huge success you have dreamt about.

Here are the great qualities on how to reach your biggest goals;

1. Have a Positive Mindset

You see, for me, the first thing first is for you to have a positive mindset in everything you want to do in life. You also have to believe in yourself even when others do not believe in you. These are my personal experience. And for you to achieve this you must surround yourself with people with a great mindset, positive and those who inspire you.

2. Have To Be Adaptable

You see, being adaptable is to be able to adjust yourself to different conditions. This is one of my biggest secrets and that is asking questions because that is what helped me to learn something new every day. For you to achieve that great success you must have an open mind to opportunities. Like I said No 1 above that you have to surround yourself with people who you can learn from, those who have gone through that road you are on now. This is what will open you to that great strategies to achieve that great goal of yours.

3. Have To Be Persistent

In this aspect, when you are trying to achieve that goal of yours, some people will definitely want you no to achieve that goal. There are the things I have gone through in life. You see, I will always prove them wrong by staying strong and that is me for real. I will like to tell you that, for you to achieve that great success of yours, you don't have to give up. So, keep moving towards your goals.

4. Have To Be Resilient

Actually, this is one of the qualities that determine your success in life. You see, resilience is returning to that original form or position after being thrown off the path of success. There will be people who will try to tell you that you cannot make it in life. Another thing is that you will face challenges that will make you quit but be strong.

5. Have To Be Patient

This is another great quality that you need to make it in this life. You see, to achieve success you must be patient, especially when you are going through your great goals. Everyone wants to achieve their goals. I always advise people whatever good you want to achieve, requires patient! patient!! patient!!! Great things take time so, be patient enough.

My final take is that you deserve to achieve your dream and goals. And for you to achieve that you must take the right steps by Have Positive Mindset, Have To Be Adaptable, Have To Be Persistent, Have To Be Resilient, and Have To Be Patient to be able to achieve that goal.

What goals do you want to achieve? Believe you can do it. Hope you enjoyed this? Let me know what you think in the comment session.


Why Marriages Will Make You Question Everything | Relationship

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Real love will always cost you more.

What do you think marriage is all about? For me, I think marriage is all about sacrifice! marriage is a place where love can be shown in different ways, both big and small. In marriage, there must be a reason behind every sacrifice that you make in your marriage. So, find out what is the reason for your sacrifices.

So, diving in we are going to categorize it in two ways,

1. What marriage teaches you

2. What marriage cost you



For you to be in a marriage in the first place, you must have loved the person you are married to. And talking about love, love is all about sacrificing everything. For you to be in marriage there must be commitment. And in a real marriage, there must be a real commitment. Talking about real commitment, it's all about offering yourself up in a big and small way. That is what marriage is all about.

Marriage also teaches us to forgive after we have been hurt. In the journey of marriage, you will experience hurt that is for sure, no matter how lovely your marriage seems you must experience that hurt and that is natural because we are human we are not God we are bound to make mistakes. So if anyone tells you that his or her own marriage has never experienced hurt is a big lie.

Being in a marriage is another world of its own. For that marriage to work or for you to have that perfect marriage, you have to give all your time. When I say give your time is not giving partial time I mean all your time. You have to give it even when is not convenient for you. For instance, you are a work and even after you are back from work whether you like it or not you must tidy up the home. So, you see is not easy being in a marriage.

For sure you must share if you really love your partner. In marriage, it shouldn't be about I or ME always, It's about WE, it also about you giving your partner the piece of food (what you have) for them to enjoy too. It is also sharing what you have in your heart instead of holding back; by opening up to your partner whom you say you love.

So, in general, what marriage teaches is that you respond with love even when you are boiling in anger. it also teaches you to lend your ears to your partner even when your eyes are deep in sleep. It also teaches us that we must learn to make sacrifices. It also makes you put your partner's needs in front of your own and give their desire more importance.


Talking about what marriage costs, what is it that comes to your mind? Do you really think is all about what you spent on your wedding? Nah! Another thing is that the society we are in today has made everything go so wrong that, they don't tolerate anything less and also that marriage is what makes you happy and once you are not happy, you can abandon the marriage; that is given up on love. Which is very very wrong.

You see, in marriage the more you give the better you will be. Real love will always cost you more. Being in a real marriage will cost you your time, your heart, your comfort, your pride, your right, and everything that you invest in your commitment. That is why before you go into marriage you must consider these things first. 

This is what will help your marriage to last. remember in marriage the more you give the more you receive.

Hope you enjoyed this post? Please let me know below the comment :)